Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kaelyn 9 months

Kaelyn is now nine and half months. She is growing so fast. She is now mobile. She moves everywhere.. she crawls, stands and tries to walk. She says mama and dadda. She loves to pet the cat and loves to play with the dogs. She loves reading books with mom and occasionally turns the page when told to. She has a routine well down. She wakes up by 7:30-8 am. Eats milk then eats breakfast which could be fruit or cereal. We then get her dressed for the day and change a poppy diaper. She then plays awhile. Takes a nap by 10:30-11am. Wakes up and eats lunch. Then plays for a while. We read books and then it is time for another nap by 2-3pm.. sometimes later by 5. Then eat dinner. By 6:30 bath time. Then we read our nursery rhythm night night book. She knows that it is night time when we read the book. She starts to rub her eyes and yawns. We have read this book to her at night time since she was 2 weeks old. She then eats milk and then in bed by 7:30- 8pm.

We all went to to TX to see my family for Christmas. Kaelyn loved the plane flight. She especially loved the plane taking off. We had a great time seeing my parents, grandparents and aunts & uncles.

When we got back in the grove of things back here in WA, I switched to work 12 hour day shift. So far I am really loving it. I work 6 days out of the 2 weeks, 8 days off. I work from 6 am- 6:30 pm. I am now able to spend more time with Kaelyn. I enjoy getting up in the mornings and going to bed when it gets dark... I love having a "more normal" schedule. It is taking me sometime to adjust from working 8 hour evening shift for 3 years but it is a good adjustment.

Monday, November 1, 2010

7 months old

Kaelyn is now 7 months old. Man time flies. She is growing so fast. She is starting to have a tooth come in on the bottom right hand side. It looked like a blister 2 weeks ago and now you can see it this white tooth coming through.
Kaelyn is such a happy girl. She is always smiling and is such a happy baby. However she does cry when she is tired or hungry. Kaelyn eats solid foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is doing better with drinking from a sippy cup.
Kaelyn now says dadda dadda. But I don't think she knows what it means.. she just likes saying it. Any time she sees the cat or dogs she gets so excited and jumps up and down and slaps her hands against her thighs and screams at them.
Kaelyn is now mobile.... well she rolls... and she rolls everywhere and into everything. We move the furniture from the living room and through toys out in the middle of the floor and from there she rolls to one side of the room, plays with a toy and rolls to another.

Kaelyn had her first Halloween. She was a lady bug. David and I carved pumpkins at 5 pm before the trick-o-treaters came. Kaelyn watched us and had fun touching the pumpkins. Then she took a nap before the fun started. David and I made dinner and sat outside and ate dinner, drank hot chocolate while passing candy. We had many kids. Kaelyn had fun watching all the kids while sitting on our lap. It was fun!

Kaelyn is learning to shake her head "no".

rolling Kaelyn

Kaelyn loves to sit up and play.

kaelyn loves to dance with daddy.

Kaelyn is hooked to watching her baby Einstein.

Kaelyn exploring her friend Luke's head.

Kaelyn playing with a plastic bag.

Monday, October 11, 2010

6 months old

Kaelyn in her Halloween outfit
Kaelyn in her overalls
The McPherson family now with 6 month old baby girl
Kaelyn just loves to play with the cell phone that Laurie gave her. She mostly likes to put it in her mouth (batteries are gone)... but hopefully when she is a toddler she can pretend to talk to her mommy and daddy on the phone. Thanks Laurie!

Kaelyn is now 6 months old. I can't believe that she has been with us for 1/2 year. She continues to change at a rapid speed. At her 6 month appointment she weighed 19.7 lbs, which puts her in the 96% for weight. She measured to be 27 inches long which put her in the 90%. The pediatrician was not concerned about her height and weight and stated that she is portioned. We are now feeding her solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She eats a snack in between meals which include whole wheat cracker or whole wheat bread. She loves eating solid foods. We eat as a family at the dining table and she just loves to follow along with what we do. She does occasionally feed herself, but is very messy. Along with this she now drinks water or milk sometimes from a sippy cup. She is able to hold it up by herself if she is not to tired.

Kaelyn does not have any teeth yet but the pediatrician started her on fluoride due to Spokane Valley not having this in their water. Kaelyn is slowly becoming more mobile she is not at the crawling stage yet but attempts to get her self up in that position with a pillow underneath her belly.

Kaelyn loves animals. She gets so excited when one of the dogs or the cat walks by. She now pets the dogs and they love the attention that she gives them.

Kaelyn continues to grow so fast. For Halloween she will be a lady bug. We are so excited to enjoy every day with her. She is a happy girl unless she is hungry or tired.

Kaelyn playing in the grass. We were in Walla Walla that weekend. She was exploring grass.

Kaelyn playing on Micheal's tractor. She is now a true country girl. To bad we didn't have her in her overalls here.

Kaelyn and Luke (Brenda's baby) taking a bath. We will have to show them this when they are older just to embarrass them.
Kaelyn eating in her highchair with mommy and daddy at lunch. She is such a good eater.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kaelyn 5 1/2 months

Kaelyn is now 5 1/2 months old. She continues to change. She is the cutest little girl ever. She plays with all her toys including her jenny jump up. She reaches and gets into everything. If you have something in your hands then she wants it. She then puts it in her mouth.

This weekend we went to the fair and saw all the animals, horses, cows, chickens, etc. She loved seeing the animals. We then met up with our friends Greg and Brenda and their baby Luke. We went to see the Monster Trucks. The boys got earplugs for the babies and us women to protect our ears from the loud noise. Kaelyn was initially asleep however she woke up when she heard the monster trucks. I thought she would be a grumpy baby with the loud noise but she surprised me. She watched the entire 2 hour show and smiled and laughed the entire time. She especially loved seeing the trucks jump over and crush the cars. After the show we looked at more exhibits with our friends and baby Luke. I am just amazed how much Kaelyn and Luke change and all that they have already learned.

Kaelyn playing on her jenny jump up.
Daddy and Kaelyn together...
Kaelyn feeding herself. What an independent little girl.
Daddy pushing Kaelyn in her stroller at the fair.
My friend Brenda and I with the babies at the monster truck. Kaelyn was initially asleep until she heard the monster trucks then she woke up and was a happy smiling baby... I was actually surprised at how much she loved it.
Monster Trucks
Kaelyn and mommy smiling and having fun with monster trucks.
Captain USA
Kaelyn just loved watching the trucks... she was smiling and laughing to the sound of the trucks and them doing all their tricks. We had ear plugs in her ears due to the loud noise.

Kaelyn and Luke after the monster truck show. In their strollers and ready for the next event.
Kaelyn sitting with Luke on a mat while the boys went off to look at hot tubes..
Kaelyn and Luke playing and being extra cute.

Monster trucks
Kaelyn eating.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

5 months old

Kaelyn sitting in her high chair in the kitchen watching mommy prepare dinner. I noticed at 4 months old her brown hair that she was born with was falling out. She looked like she was going bald. Well now since she is 5 months old I now notice new hair and it is bleach blonde. I still has brown hair at the top of her head. Her eyes are now my color along with having a dark blue ring around her eyes which takes after me. Her eye shape is becoming more round. However she has her daddy's cheeks (I love to kiss those cheeks). She is truly a mix.... I just love her.
Kaelyn loves to sit up and play with her toys.

The McPherson Family!!

Kaelyn is now 5 months old and is changing fast. She now sits up all by herself with out any assistance. She reaches for everything no matter what it is... even my own dinner or a plastic bag. Whatever you have, she wants. After you give it to her and then take it away she will cry.

Kaelyn eats solid foods now. We introduce a new food about every week. She now eats rice and oatmeal cereal, squash, corn, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. We feed her around lunch and dinner time when we eat that way she eats when we eat. We sit at the dinning table and she sits in her highchair... This is our family bonding time I guess you can say; or I guess i am trying to secretly train her not to eat in my living room so I can keep the carpet and couch clean.... She is a good eater. She has loved all the foods so far.. well I guess you can say she does not really care for sweet potatoes but she still eats them. I make all her food by steaming it and then throwing it in the food processor. I then spread the pureed food in ice cube trays and that is her individual meals. It is very convenient and most of all it is cheap....

She still sleeps through the night. She has an internal clock b/c when it is 8 pm on the dot she goes right to sleep and does not wake till 8 am. She takes an hour nap at noon and then again between 4-6pm...
She is such an easy baby. She loves to talk- baaahh, vahhh, laaa, maaa, daaa, etc.
She loves to be sung to, read to, and talked to.

Her she is eating with Daddy

Kaelyn loves to sit up and play with her toys that her Grandaddy got her.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

High chair

Here is Kaelyn being cute and daddy trying to imitate. She is such a delight. I have so much love for my little one. She is always smiling, talking, and new thing screaming... mainly testing her voice.

Kaelyn is a pro sitting in her high chair. My mom brought my old high chair up from when Robert and I were babies. She usually sits in it when we eat at the dinning table or when we are in the kitchen cooking. She is a pro at eating rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and now baby carrots. She loves them all. Here are some pic of her in her high chair.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Funny Kaelyn

We have had a fun week so far of hanging out with friends. Kaelyn is doing something new each day. Friday my friend Brenda and I got our babies together and took a long walk down the spokane river and then had play time afterwards.

On Saturday we went to our friends house and had a pool party. Kaelyn and daddy had a blast in the pool. Kaelyn also had fun playing with my friend's baby Katie who is turning 1 yrs old this months. Katie loved Kaelyn and actually gave her a hug later in the evening. It was so adorable. Also exciting news, today we found out that our friend's Kari and Joff are expecting their first child... a little boy! More friends for Kaelyn to play with!!!

Along with this Kaelyn is having so much fun playing with her toys!

I love this video. This is a video of Kaelyn laughing. I was doing laundry and was getting her dress unwrinkled and swooshed it in the air. Kaelyn burst out laughing. We got it on video. David try to do the same thing with a blanket but she didn't think it was funny. The only thing that was funny was her dress making that swoosh sound.